About us

Established in 2014, Ten Computers has become one of the UK’s leading technology sources on the internet. We take a fresh approach to IT, away from dusty corners of industrial estates, and into the future.

At the core of Ten Computers is a youthful team dedicated to providing the highest quality products to both consumers and businesses. Our ethos is simple - do it right.

This fresh approach has allowed us to excel past the standards modern consumers have come to expect, influencing everything from our customer relations approach to our hiring policy and office design. We don’t take shortcuts and as a result we boast some of the happiest customers in the world.

The core team at Ten Computers is dedicated to preserving the environment and so, as well as stocking brand new items at some of the best prices in the industry, we also offer factory refurbished and used stock through our RePurpose programme.

From ex-display units sourced from leading retailers to ex-corporate machines acquired through our asset management channels, our aim is to reuse, refurbish or recycle 100% of the hardware we process. We strive to meet the same standards as the world’s largest IT manufacturers in order to provide the highest quality products that function as new without the premium price tag.